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Shipping Container Shelters - Survival Shelter - Housing - Restaurants - Drive-ups - Shops - Discrete and Secure Storage - Remote Secure Cabins - Jobsite Offices - Mini-warehouses - Motels

Shipping container conversions designed and built for your needs:

Office or living space, shop or storage, commercial or residential, single or multiple units, built from steel.

Portable:  Move your shelter, cabin, office or shop when you do.

Economical, innovative.

Let's put our minds together and see what we can create together.

Inquire about using the steel walls of the container to build a hot air circulating heater.

Shipping Container Office or Shop

Ten Benefits of Building With Shipping Containers

There are many advantages, over conventional building materials, when building with ISBU Corten steel containers. 1. Their sturdy steel structure allows for design options not available with many other materials, such as wood. The strength of steel provides stacking, cantilevering and other choices not available when using other materials. 2. With proper safeguards, these steel units can be buried beneath the surface, thus utilizing the soil for additional insulation, protection and concealment. 3.

Design / Plan With The End In View - Begin With The Basic Living Unit

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