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Shipping Container Shelters - Survival Shelter - Housing - Restaurants - Drive-ups - Shops - Discrete and Secure Storage - Remote Secure Cabins - Jobsite Offices - Mini-warehouses - Motels

Shipping container conversions designed and built for your needs:

Office or living space, shop or storage, commercial or residential, single or multiple units, built from steel.

Portable:  Move your shelter, cabin, office or shop when you do.

Economical, innovative.

Let's put our minds together and see what we can create together.

Inquire about using the steel walls of the container to build a hot air circulating heater.

Need a secure onsite office or shop built?

Shelter to store valuable tools, equipment, parts, supplies or materials out of the weather and safe from theft and vandalism?

We can build what you need from the virtually indestructable Corten-Steel built shipping container.

Find out more here.

Shipping Container Office or Shop

Have you come to the conclusion that your world has changed?

That those horrible disasters that you have read about in history just may about to be repeated right in your own country?

That it's time to be proactive? That's it's time to stop talking and start doing something? That's it time to actually take the first steps to protect you and the family you love for when, not if, the poo-poo hits the blades?

That it is time to DO SOMETHING?

If yes, you've reached the right site.

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Survival Shelter Shipping Containers


To watch how shipping containers are made (in China of course) watch the first video here:


Shipping Container Office or Shop

Converted Shipping containers

make excellent secure economic and portable offices or office shop combinations. Let's not overlook that important fact - once you have your office or shop built, you can move it if and when you ever need to. Remember that awesome shop you had at your last house? You were able to work on your projects out of the weather, warm, and with minimal disturbance to your neighbors? But then you moved and had to leave your shop behind? Well, no more. Let's build you a shop that next time you move, you can take it with you. We can put two more more of these 20' containers together into a 16' or 24' wide shop in two or three sections. Use the shop space for your projects for as long as you like, even the rest of your life, as you can take it with you to your next location. These 20' units can be hauled by just about any V8 pick-up truck with the proper trailer. Don't put off having that shop you've always wanted. We can have you in a secure, safe, economical shop with a snow load roof that can withstand all that a northern climate can drop on you in a few weeks. And you'll be good to go to work on those projects you've been wanting to get to for years. Call Charles at 406.210.9029 today to get started.

Ten Benefits of Building With Shipping Containers

There are many advantages, over conventional building materials, when building with ISBU Corten steel containers. 1. Their sturdy steel structure allows for design options not available with many other materials, such as wood. The strength of steel provides stacking, cantilevering and other choices not available when using other materials. 2. With proper safeguards, these steel units can be buried beneath the surface, thus utilizing the soil for additional insulation, protection and concealment. 3. Much of the work on the structure can be completed off-site, under more ideal conditions. 4. The off-site work can be done at ground level, providing lower labor cost. 5. Much of the work can be accomplished during what would normally be considered down time, during winter or other inclement weather, such as stormy conditions, and then transported to the final building site for completion during better and more ideal weather conditions. 6. Building indoors during inclement weather and then transporting during spring allows the end user earlier occupation, use and enjoyment and use of his shelter much sooner than conventional building methods. 7. The steel frame of ISBU containers allows for easier and less expensive design and use in those normally less usable situations, such as possible wet conditions due to flooding. Or steeper land. 8. The steel frame structure is "almost in-destructable" and can be left in remote areas with less concern of vandalism, break-ins, and/or damage due to wind, rain, hail, ice and snow. 9. Building with shipping containers, the owner can design and plan with the end in view, no matter how big or complex, but start small. The owner can begin with a basic unit: a living / sleeping area, food preparation space and a bathroom and add from there. This approach allows the owner to enjoy his property in the earliest possible time frame while he or she watches the progress as time and finances allow. 10. Building your shelter, using shipping containers, whether a survival shelter, a get-a-way cabin, a seed bank vault, the first "block" in your dream home of several shipping container "blocks," a retail outlet, a motel, public storage units or student dormitory, you are building green, recycling what would normally end up as scrap. You will be doing your part by using environmentally responsible and resource-efficient building methods.



Design / Plan With The End In View - Begin With The Basic Living Unit

Krabi Thailand

One of the great benefits of building with shipping containers is that the homeowner can start with one unit to begin living on their property as soon as possible. Put a kitchen / dining area, bathroom and bedroom in the first unit. Design the entire project from the beginning to allow additional units to be added as finances or time allows. Shipping containers are stackable, allowing for additional levels to be added to the ground units.


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